Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby Aristocrats Band & Tom Gates Orchestra

Gennett no. 6198

We'll folks, here's a genuine rarity!
78 quarterly list's this in their "rarest 78's" section but doesn't give an estimation of how many copies there might be floating around out there, so, it's any ones guess folks!

This copy came to me through a trade with Devin Champlin of the Gallus Brothers who said :

"I got that record in Aberdeen at a seriously messy junk shop. Was in a shopping cart with a bunch of random shit like a lamp...some cool Greek stuff there too. All of it was loose in the cart and some were broken. I think they we're 50 cents but he just gave me 3 for a dollar."

Devin has really good luck finding 78's. He once junked a Henry Thomas on Vocalion while we were record hunting... 
When I saw what he found, I went through all the 78's again....all I found was a cracked Vernon Dalhart. Damn you Devin! Dammmnnn yooouuu!!!!

Heh heh... jus' kiddn' buddy.
Anyway, Devin's a real pal, and he traded me this record.
It's a rare one, and unfortunately it comes to us in rare messy junk store shopping cart condition.
It's pretty crunchy in the beginning  (especially the Tom Gates side) but the sound improves as the record plays.
So... you be the judge.

In 78 Quarterly it only lists one copy owned by Jim Lindsay in "NM-" condition. 
For those of you that don't grade 78's, "NM-" (near mint) is just a hair below "NM+", and there is virtually no higher grade than "NM+"for 78's  (which means it's just about as clean of a copy as you're ever gonna hope to find).... so Jim, if your reading this, please record your record and post it....  cause your copy is probably way cleaner than mine.

Special thanks again to Devin Champlin for rescuing this little gem from the shopping cart gallows of Aberdeen.
cheers folks~Stymee

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  1. Great record, probably no other way I'd get to hear this gem- thank you!