Saturday, May 31, 2014

Eiko Hirai

Victor 50821 & 50899 

Alright folks, we're back again with another post from Stymee's Stack O' Sides; the blog that teaches you how to be patient, when I haven't made an update on this for almost two months.

I've been super busy getting an appendectomy, moving across country, getting dysentery from the Econo Lodge continental breakfast in Billings Montana, and looking for a place to rent in Seattle.

This post features two sides off of two different Japanese Victor records, that I junked about 9 months ago in Washington State.
Both sides are by Hirai Eiko, or rather, Eiko Hirai, (as my buddy Peter tells me) since family names come first in Japanese.

I know virtually nothing about these sides, other than what the Labels tell me.

Special thanks to my friends Peter Chordas and Hisako Yamada (山田寿子) who translated all the information on the labels for me, and also Special thanks to my buddy Izumi Kinoshita who helped with the translation as well.
Also, Izumi tells me the unidentified Kanji on line 1 of victor 50821-b, means children.... so I can only assume Eiko Hirai made kids music. 
Pretty F'n sweet if you ask me.
They don't make em' like they used to!

Enjoy the music folks!