Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby Aristocrats Band & Tom Gates Orchestra

Gennett no. 6198

We'll folks, here's a genuine rarity!
78 quarterly list's this in their "rarest 78's" section but doesn't give an estimation of how many copies there might be floating around out there, so, it's any ones guess folks!

This copy came to me through a trade with Devin Champlin of the Gallus Brothers who said :

"I got that record in Aberdeen at a seriously messy junk shop. Was in a shopping cart with a bunch of random shit like a lamp...some cool Greek stuff there too. All of it was loose in the cart and some were broken. I think they we're 50 cents but he just gave me 3 for a dollar."

Devin has really good luck finding 78's. He once junked a Henry Thomas on Vocalion while we were record hunting... 
When I saw what he found, I went through all the 78's again....all I found was a cracked Vernon Dalhart. Damn you Devin! Dammmnnn yooouuu!!!!

Heh heh... jus' kiddn' buddy.
Anyway, Devin's a real pal, and he traded me this record.
It's a rare one, and unfortunately it comes to us in rare messy junk store shopping cart condition.
It's pretty crunchy in the beginning  (especially the Tom Gates side) but the sound improves as the record plays.
So... you be the judge.

In 78 Quarterly it only lists one copy owned by Jim Lindsay in "NM-" condition. 
For those of you that don't grade 78's, "NM-" (near mint) is just a hair below "NM+", and there is virtually no higher grade than "NM+"for 78's  (which means it's just about as clean of a copy as you're ever gonna hope to find).... so Jim, if your reading this, please record your record and post it....  cause your copy is probably way cleaner than mine.

Special thanks again to Devin Champlin for rescuing this little gem from the shopping cart gallows of Aberdeen.
cheers folks~Stymee

Monday, December 23, 2013

Rev. J.M. Gates

Death Might be Your Santa Claus!!!!!

you know.... for Christmas!
well folks, I know this record is already out there but it was the only christmasy thing I could think of.... but you get both sides of the record! 
the flip side is standard sermon-spiritual stuff and doesn't stand out like "Death Might Be your Santa Claus" does....and it's a little scratchy but it's the whole package y'all. 

they made so many of these Christmas death sermon records. "Death Might Be Your Santa Claus", "Death Might Be Your Christmas Gift",  "Will The Coffin Be Your Santa Claus"... etc...
I'm still holding out that someones gonna find the record called  "Death will Grind His Shitty Boots Into Your Brand New White Carpet Come Christmas Day".

don't mess with death. 
or death gonna mess with your carpet.

so in the words of the imaginary gospel shouting reverend that lives in my head, I leave you with an excerpt from one of his sermons:

"you might have been planing a wonderful spaghetti dinner for Christmas. and sat and waited by the crock pot for hours while the meat balls cooked.
but while you were waiting, death was planing! he was on a bus on his way to your house. and you got everything cooked and all laid out and all the people are sitting around ready to have their Christmas meal. and your mouth is watering in anticipation because you can smell how good it's  gonna taste and you got the right amount of Parmesan on the spaghetti and it's perfect in every detail but right as you gonna take the first bite... DEATH bursts through the door flailing his arms and screaming some ancient battle cry that sounds like cookie monster charging into battle with Brave Hart and he kicks your plate right off your lap and spaghetti goes flying everywhere and the taste of how good everything was gonna be is gone from your mind. and the only thing left on your mind is: "man this is gonna take forever to clean up".
man plans, but death is a chaotic and disruptive sunovabitch that has no respect for other peoples schedules."

have a good holiday folks!!!!
and steer clear of anyone in a cape with a scythe and a skull mask.
...especially if pasta is on the menu for the holidays....

download both sides of this record

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the Dallas Jamboree Jug band. 

Vocalion 03092

here are both sides of Vocalion 03092.
an absolute masterpiece!
they recorded these sides in Dallas Texas in 1935
Dusting the frets on 9/25/35
and Elm Street Woman on 9/20/35
I haven't been able to find a recording of Dusting the frets anywhere online
so I uploaded it to youtube and you can also download it from the link below.
cheers y'all!~Stymee

hear Dusting The Frets on youtube
download both sides of the record from mediafire

Saturday, December 14, 2013

well folks, this is the first post for me and also the first blog I've ever had so bear with me if stuff doesn't  work out so hot for the first few posts.
I'd like to offer recordings that aren't available on the web and also make hard to find recordings more accessible.
normally I'll put together download packages of both sides of a record with label scans but for the first post I'm just gonna post one side because I'm playing a show tonight and only have one side of this record recorded and just don't have the time to record the other side.

so here it is. one of my favorite sides from Wesley Wilson and Harry McDaniels under the pseudonyms Pigmeat Pete and Catjuice Charlie. it's a great record and eventually update this post with the flip side.
the 78 discography gives me a date on this record. 9/5/29... but I don't know if this was when it was recorded or issued.
if anyone knows, leave a comment and let me know!
enjoy the music folks!

click here to download

ok so I found out you need to have a mediafire pro account to put together download packages.
so until the day I get one of those, yall are just gonna have to download 1 item at a time.